Facetime Android APK Download & Alternative Options

No need to feel jealous of iPhone users, now you can use Apple's Facetime for Android to make video calls with your friends and family easily.

Can You Download FaceTime On Android? {Truth Revealed Jun 07, 2019 · Download Face Time For Android: At times, you may be annoyed by your friends who are iPhone users and use FaceTime with each other. We understand your situation and funny to say that you are jealous of them, a little! Meanwhile, you have been looking for … How to FaceTime on Android

No Facetime is an Apple propritary technology which is only available on Apple devices. You will have to use an alternative programs that exist both on Android 

But as we all know that FaceTime is an app initially build for the iOS platform users and so presently it is not available on the Play Store and hence you can use this technique to download it through any website to find convenient. We wrote about fixes for several of them. For the most part, these bugs were either easy to resolve or they didn’t have a disruptive impact, with some exceptions.

If you need to call an Android user from your iPad, then you should try apps like Google Duo, Messenger, Skype, etc. Related: How To Do FaceTime on Android and iPhone. Well, both iMessage and FaceTime are really useful apps to get in touch with your friends/family without the need to use a phone number. If you’ve been an iOS user in the past, you probably love FaceTime. Well, now you’re on Android and you still have a lot of iOS friends you want to reach, in addition to your Android cohort.

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