Mixer 16 Mic/Line inputs, 3 Dual stereo inputs, DuoPre Pre-amplifier with 69 dB Gain Range, 3 Aux Sends, 1 FX Send, USB Send and Return, Insert per channel, High … Allen & Heath ZED-12FX – Thomann United States Bought my mixer 12 months & 2 weeks ago, guess what, it's now developed 2 faults. Luck would have it, its going to cost £30/hour to fix, just have to transport it to Leeds and then get a quote for how long it will take, considering the mixer is a modular build, I am surprised I … Topic: Reference Manual | Allen & Heath Digital Community Nov 11, 2019 · New to QLD. I have downloaded some ‘manuals’ but they do not get down to the nitty gritty of say patching a dSNAKE input to a channel > Fader, naming etc. I find the videos a bit fast and they ofttimes assume prior knowledge. I’m searching for some written material I can sit down and read. ZED-10FX USER GUIDE -

Mixing Console 16 Mono- and 2 stereo channels with new GB30 preamps and filters, 4 Band EQ with 2 parametric mids, 100 Hz Hi-pass filter, 2 Stereo returns, 4 Subgroups, L/R + mono sum, 6 AUX (partially pre / post. Mixer 20 Channels, 16 Microphone inputs (XLR/jack) with +48V phantom power, Channels 1-8 with built-in compressor, 3 Band EQ with sweepable mids, High-Pass filter and 26 dB pad switch, SPX Effect processor with 24. Mixer 16 Mono inputs, 3 Aux outputs, Size: 19", With built-in Lexicon effects processor, Tap delay, 4 Stereo returns, Internal power supply, Includes rack mounts, Dimensions: (W x D x H) 442 x 442 x 148mm, Weight: 8.5.

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The Allen & Heath ZED-24 is a small-format, 24-channel analog mixer offering versatile I/O and a user-friendly workflow for use in home and project studio  Read and download Allen & Heath DJ Equipment ZED 22 FX User's Manual online. Download free Allen & Heath user manuals, owners manuals, instructions, 

ALLEN & HEATH ZED 22FX MIXER 16x mic/line, 3x stereo, FX User Manual Allen & Heath ZED 12/16/22 FX ALLEN AND HEATH MIXERS - ZED Series Compact and portable mixers designed for mobile live use or installation, the ZED series offers models with four to sixteen microphone/line inputs, stereo line inputs, and stereo main outputs. Allen & Heath ZED22FX - 22-Channel Recording Mixer with Allen & Heath ZED-22FX USB 22 Channel MixerThe Allen & Heath ZED-22FX brings professional quality features from world-renowned Allen & Heath to the masses.Featuring 16 high quality Zed exclusive DuoPre dual stage preamps, swept mid "British EQ., 4 Aux … Allen & Heath Zed-22FX Mixer Flight Case

České manuály v pdf: Akai MPC1000,APC40,MPX16,MPX8,XR20,EWI5000 AKG WMS470 Allen & Heath XOne 3D,XB10,Zed R16,ZED14, iLive,ZED 12FX,ZED 22FX,GL2400,WZ3 12M,WZ3 14:4:2,WZ3 20S Alesis SR16,Multimix 8FX,DM6 ALVA Nanoface American Audio VMS4.1… Digitální mixpult 30 IN / 24 OUT , 24x MIC IN, 3x Stereo IN, 20x OUT, 4x FX, možnost D-snake, iPad control Stáhni si ze stránek Mackie manuál, tam je to všechno popsaný i s obrázky různých možnností zapojení. LZ3_OM.pdf Pokud jsi ještě mix nekoupil, tak se zkus podívat na Allen&Heath ZED-10. LED Moving Head RGBW 3x 10 W Quad LED moving heads, Coverage pattern: 4.5°, Illuminance: Red: 9600 lx 1m, Green: 22400 lx 1m, Blue: 4650 lx 1m, White: 31000 lx 1m, DMX: 36, 26, 16, 10, 6-channels, DMX in- and output:..